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In Williamson County, you’ll find hard work and family values run deep in the hearts of the American workers of Southern Illinois. Here, you’ll find skilled craftsmen who take pride in their American-made products and services. More than 150,000 people make their homes in Williamson and the adjacent counties and over a quarter of a million live within an hour’s drive of the county, making it a retail and commercial hub for the area.

Major towns located in Williamson County include MarionHerrinCartervilleJohnston City and several smaller communities.  Williamson County is the population hub of southern Illinois, with over 62,000 citizens living within its 423 square miles.  Half of those residents are in the 20-59 age group so important to providing a viable workforce for industrial and manufacturing growth.

Nearly 6 out of 10 county residents can be found in the four largest communities.  Marion’s more than 17,000 people make it the largest town in the county.  Herrin’s population is over 11,000, Carterville is over 5,000 citizens and Johnston City has 3600 residents.  Nearly 26,000 live in about a dozen other smaller communities and the county’s rural areas.

Approximately half of the residents are in the labor force and the unemployment rate usually tracks the state average.  The median family income is $40,692 and the per capita income of $24,101 has shown growth in recent years.  Manufacturing jobs employ over 12% of the workers in the county, health care and social assistance jobs employ 15% and jobs in the financial industry employ 6%.  Eighty percent of the residents have a high school diploma and 17.2% have a bachelor’s degree or higher.  There are 25,358 housing units, 75% of which are owner-occupied.

Business Resources

Dunn-Richmond Economic Development Center
JALC Center For Workforce Development

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Training Locations

SIU Research Park
JALC Center For Workforce Development

Higher Education

Southern Illinois University Carbondale
John A. Logan College
Rend Lake College

Incentives & Grants

Williamson County offers a range of incentives and grants to support businesses looking to establish or expand their operations in the region.

Commercial Property
Location & Infrastructure

Williamson County lies in the heart of Southern Illinois. Its location allows easy access to a wide range of transportation including highway, air, railway, and river port. This makes it an ideal location for companies to quickly ship products throughout the nation and worldwide.

Higher Education & Training

for Williamson County, Illinois

Williamson County, Illinois, offers several higher education options, including Southern Illinois University Carbondale, John A. Logan College, and Rend Lake College. These institutions offer diverse programs, ranging from vocational certificates to doctoral degrees, providing students with ample opportunities for academic and professional growth. The region’s commitment to higher education attracts students from around the world, contributing to the area’s diversity and vitality.

Military Workforce

Williamson County, Illinois, has a robust military workforce due to its proximity to Scott Air Force Base, Army National Guard in Marion, IL and its commitment to supporting its veterans. The county’s location along the Interstate 57 corridor provides easy access to Scott Air Force Base.

Many veterans and military personnel choose to settle in Williamson County after their service due to the area’s affordable cost of living, high-quality healthcare, and excellent education options. The county’s Veteran Affairs (VA) office provides a range of services to veterans, including healthcare, disability benefits, and education and training programs. The VA office also works closely with local businesses to provide employment opportunities for veterans, helping them transition back into civilian life.

The county’s commitment to supporting its military community has also led to the establishment of several veteran-owned businesses, which contribute to the area’s economic growth and development. Overall, Williamson County’s proximity to Scott Air Force Base, Army National Guard in Marion, IL , its commitment to supporting its veterans, and the presence of a thriving military community make it an excellent destination for military personnel and their families.

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