We are an equal opportunity provider, promoting economic growth and industrial development in Williamson County and Southern Illinois.

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Organizational History

REDCO participated in several economic development activities in the formative stages of the organization that met with much success in providing the citizens of Williamson County and the surrounding areas with good-paying manufacturing-type jobs.  The board recognized early on that real economic growth generates additional jobs in its wake.  For example, estimates are that every manufacturing job created in the area can be expected to generate anywhere from 4 to 7 additional jobs in related or service-type industries.  To that end, REDCO focused on establishing conditions and building relationships that would generate additional economic opportunities.


Redco is governed by the By-Laws of the organization and directed by actions of the Board of Directors, which meets quarterly.  Action to amend the By-Laws can be taken by the board at any regularly scheduled or called board meeting and at the Annual Meeting.  Interim decisions can be made by the Executive Committee, which includes the officers of the corporation.


Redco has been called the “poster child” for cooperation in economic development circles. From the original partnerships between the City of Marion and the Marion Area Chamber of Commerce has grown a unique network of communities, governmental units, business enterprises and private citizens who are all on the same page when it comes to promoting economic development. The purpose of this spirit of cooperation and partnership is to provide opportunities for employment for the citizens of Williamson County and Southern Illinois, a task that Redco embraces enthusiastically.

 Community Partners

Redco began with two financial community partners, the City of Marion and Marion Area Chamber of Commerce.  Today the nine partners listed below provide over $300,000 annually to the financial support of the organization.  The links shown below for the individual cities are to provide information from the websites, while the links for the other REDCO community partners are their individual websites. 

•    City of Carterville

•    City of Herrin

•    City of Johnston City

•    City of Marion

•    Carterville Chamber of Commerce
•    Herrin Chamber of Commerce

•    Marion Chamber of Commerce

•    Williamson County Airport Authority

•    Williamson County Board of Commissioners


Cooperative Partnerships

Redco enjoys cooperative partnerships with a variety of entities in Williamson County, the southern Illinois region and the state of Illinois.  These entities sometimes partner with Redco financially or by providing services of value to the organization.  Always, however, they are willing to provide ideas and serve as a sounding board for ideas.  These cooperative partnerships include area institutions of higher education and training, public school districts, governmental units, and area businesses and industries.

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At REDCO, we are committed to helping businesses thrive in Southern Illinois. Contact an officer for more information.

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Brian Ziegler

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